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Fall Fever!!!

It’s Fall!!!  I still can’t believe it!!!


I’m sure this is no surprise for those of you who have been digging out your long johns over the past week of crazy cold temps.  But here in the desert, we are pinching ourselves to believe that the hot weather is finally over!

Because it is so nice out, I’ve had a bit of “fall” fever.  I’ve scrubbed the back patio,

IMG_9058 IMG_9061

done some replanting in the front of our house

Image 2

and have even purchased some new chairs to enjoy our front courtyard.  Standby for these…  (well… don’t literally stand by…I have at least spread them out all over the front entry…).

Image 1

Hopefully these evergreen Adirondack chairs will serve us well in front of our outdoor fireplace.  I imagine cuddling up here with a warm fuzzy blanket, a glass of red and some great conversations.

With a busy weekend ahead, we will see if I manage to get them put together.  Otherwise, I will just consider this my new entry “update” and ask the kids to hop over them on the way to school.  😉



  1. Keith Kline says

    If you are indeed off to Egypt or Turkey this fall I’d be delighted to send you/your team a box of “Jesus” DVDs to take along. (Video of the Gospel of Luke in Arabic/Turkish) All free. Use email or just 604-534-3183

    • Thank you so much Keith- I will actually be going on what is officially called a short term global connection trip to connect with the people of Northeast Africa- not a traditional missions trip. We will even have the chance to work on learning a little Arabic to communicate. We will also have the honor of encouraging and serving those in the field.

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